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The Information Assets Protector

To address the growing concerns in the field of IT security, in a reasonable manner; we have taken over the responsibility to become your very own “information asset protector” supporting the client to secure their competitive edge and to achieve their long standing business goals and objectives. We at eCybersec has the much needed drive and the know how to steer you through complete set of internet application vulnerabilities, and address them for sustainable information security taking immediate action plans.

Great Minds Behind The Name

P.N. Balasuriya – Chairman

He is a graduate from University of Sri Jayawardenepura and an undeniably force at eCybersec who arm himself with 35 years of extensive expertise and skills in the fields of economics, banking and financing, regulation and administration , to prevent monstrous illegalities occurring in electronic communication mediums today. Having obtained the honours of holding many a number of senior positions in the Central Bank of Sri Lanka (CBSL) and the Sri Lanka Market, he was also appointed as the Chairperson of Rural Regional Development Banks, having recognised his immense dedication for work at hand, by the Ministry of Finance in 1992.
In addition to the above mentioned various high-ranked superior positions Punchi Nilame Balasuriya has been blessed with an extensive training and overseas exposure, which includes in, State Bank of Pakistan, Bank Negara Malaysia, The Monetary Authority of Singapore (Central Bank of Singapore) and Federal Reserve Bank of U.S.A. Mainly the training was covering examination of Financial Institution and Auditing Electronic Data.
During his tenure he has served in several key departments of Central Bank of Sri Lanka with a 20 years serve in Bank Supervision Department. While he was attached to Bank Supervision Department he was assigned to examine all major commercial Banks in Sri Lanka submitting examination reports to the Monetary Board of CBSL.
After his highly pleasurable tenure at CBSL he further extended his knowledge to organizations named as Amano Group and D.S.I as a General Manager and finally he works as an independent financial consultant for our eCybersec team

Sanjee Balasuriya – MD, CEO & Founder

sanjeeSanjee Balasuriya is a product of Royal College Colombo 07 & who is the Managing Director, Chief Executive Officer and the Founder of the eCybersec concept, is one of those exceptional human beings who gives 200% for his profession as well as know to enjoy his pleasures in life.
He has accumulated over 15 years of experience, in the field of Information Technology, mainly focusing his energies in the area of Information Security. He was immensely privileged to be one of the initial technical members in one of the most Sri Lankan leading and largest Internet Service Provider, which was launched back in 2001. Before moving onto the greener pastures at Singapore he strengthened his career in the field of Information Security by starting up with a leading bank in Sri Lanka in its IT security division. Then his professional obligations were directed to a significant Singapore IT Security Consultation firm for mainly handling Singapore Government Data Centre IT systems Audits. During his tenure at the said organization he was actively involved in key projects launched in Singapore by the government which was initiated through Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA). Through this international exposure he gained an immeasurable amount of experiences working closely with Monetary Authority of Singapore for Compliance Regulatory Requirements which need to comply for all financial intuitions across Singapore(Internet Banking and Technology Risk Management guidelines).
He is specialized in conducting enterprise security risk assessments, development of enterprise security architectures, strategies and defining business system requirements for design or procurement of security capabilities. He is also specialized in Network & System Security, Application & Network Penetration Testing with IT Audits.
Recently he was aggressively involved in research & development for Advance Persistence Threat, advanced evasion techniques and Malicious Code Analysis, working closely with the Global Advance Persistence Threats Groups.
He graduated from Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, University of Australia with a BSc Computer Science & later obtaining MSc in Information Security Royal Holloway, University of London.
He plays an active, hands-on role advising clients in compliance, technology strategies, managing complex programs, and building effective security organizations.
This field is a passion for Sanjee, just as much as he adores his twin sons, Cricket and Rugby; he cares so much for application security which brings great value to eCybersec, who are mainly focused on Mobile Application Security & Web Application Security.

Rajiv Seneviratne – Director Business Development & Co-Founder

Rajiv Seneviratne is Co-Founder of eCybersec, who has deposited 25 years of valuable experience in marketing to the eCybersec’s armed arsenal of professionalism, conjuring results-oriented marketing strategies and the execution of company’s business development plans.
His easy going charisma coupled up with strong interpersonal skills and stakeholder management delivers sound governance practices that stimulate broad stakeholder ownership and control of desired results.
As a business development director and principal consultant, Rajiv helps customers assist to spell out and translate their business and information security objectives to prepare business operating models and strategic plans, and develop practical transformation plans through ongoing advice. He has helped organizations of various scales to identify solutions to their specific challenges and meet their unique IT Security needs. He sees himself as an extension of his clients’ teams, prides himself on being easy to work with, and knows that responsiveness, thoroughness, and consistency are cornerstones of trusted relationships.
Rajiv has proven that he can adapt to varying business environments, roles and scale of projects and is always keen to take on new challenges.


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