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BCP & DRP Consultancy

eCybersec Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery Consultants work with you so as to understand your specific needs and agree appropriate actions. This understanding and agreement can then allow you to tap into their unrivalled expertise so as to achieve your objectives.

Areas where our Business Continuity Consultants can help include the following:

Executing Business Impact Analyses – the organization’s Statement of Requirement for Business Continuity;
Presentation of findings and recommendations to senior management; Audit of Business Continuity Plans for compliance with eCybersec regulations and best practice;
Presentation of Audit Findings and Recommendations to corporate boards; Review of Business Continuity provisions for compliance with the eCybersec Standards;
Formulating Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery Policies;
Development and implementation of Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery Plans;
Conducting education programs for management and staff;
Upgrade / refresh of existing Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery provisions;
Reviewing backup effectiveness and recovery preparedness;
and Conducting tests of Business Continuity Plans.


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