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Firewall Rules Security Review

During the first phase of the assessment, eCybersec obtains an understanding of the overall security architecture and of the assets the firewall has been dedicated to protect. Developing an architectural understanding also allows eCybersec to evaluate the firewall in relation to optimal placement, regulatory compliance, and industry best practices.

During the next phase of the review, eCybersec examines the firewall configuration. eCybersec examines both the firewall’s settings and rule sets to identify insecure configurations and loose access controls that would place the firewall and the assets it is designed to protect at risk. The assessment includes a review of firewall rules and groups, system & account management, access controls, and logging and auditing.

Finally, eCybersec will compare firewall interrogation results to documented firewall policies and procedures. In addition, firewall administrators will be interviewed to uncover any undocumented practices and clarify any discrepancies discovered.

During the review process, each firewall is reviewed and measured against a standard methodology and common security practices. Specifics will vary by firewall product, but the overall security considerations will remain the same.


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