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Source Code Security Review

Are you sure with your Source Code or do you need a complete review Modern days many different types of web applications in use today, encompassing a wide range of functionalities and business purposes. An internally utilized client-server application that tracks office equipment purchases won’t have the same security requirements as those of a publicly accessible banking application. eCyberSec has developed several levels of assessment services to effectively address a range of “white box” risk discovery option & External or “black box” vulnerability assessments which can find a few vulnerabilities, but there is no substitute for knowledgeable people looking at source code to discover all the risks to your business.

eCybersec assessment processes combine the skills of some of the industry’s best security engineers with the best of class automated analysis tools. We continually enhance our processes to take into account the improvements in automated tools, the changes in the threat environment, as well as industry standards and best practices.

Why You Need eCybersec?

We stay up to date on the latest source code vulnerabilities and exploits/We possess a wide array of security engineering knowledge that spans multiple industries/We can provide more than just static testing in our source code reviews; our engineers have the experience to find vulnerabilities that no automated tool can discover/Our comprehensive source code reports look beyond vulnerabilities to provide the fixes that will make your application secure


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